About Lovelyti

Lovelyti is a Youtube influencer and commentator, She takes her audience inside the celebrity world with her sharp wit and beautiful personality.

She is also known for her integrity and well-researched content.

 Lovelyti can break down any topic from celebrity news, to trending news stories. 

Her channel keeps millions updated on the latest social media trending topics and breaking news events.

Lovelyti TV has over 950K subscribers and receives over 2.1 million views per month, as well as 655.2K hours of watch time per month. Lovelytitv also has more than 400 million lifetime channel views. 

In 2020, Lovelyti launched her very own podcast called “Tea Time Unfiltered,” which boasts an audience of over 25K listeners and has received over 14 million plays in less than two years.

In November 2021, Lovelyti TV signed a 12-episode deal with Spotify to host and produce a Spotify live call-in show. The stats were some of the top stats on the app. Spotify has now renewed Lovelyti TV for another season of Spotify Live.

Lovelyti is also a videographer and editor. She has been invited to numerous celebrity events and personal outings to capture behind-the-scenes footage to share with her YouTube audience, and show a different more positive side of some of your favorite celebs, from Cardi B to NeNe Leakes and many more.

Lovelyti’s mission is to teach everyone, to stop looking towards other people to validate who you are as a person or brand, sometimes you have to create your own table instead of waiting and hoping to get an invite at someone else’s table